Friday, November 5, 2010

Trying to keep inspried and painting

I painted these early in the summer and they were purchased by my brother in law for his new house. I haven't seen them hanging but I hope he likes them. I am trying my best to stay inspired with the weather turning cold. As you can tell by my blog name I am southern born and raised. I don't like cold weather at all! I can't get motivated and all the long sleeves and long pants just seem to weigh me down (and it's really only cool, not even cold yet). I have my November painting challenge pictures printed out and my canvases stacked but just can't seem to force myself to get started. This has happened before. I would love to paint every day but I can't seem to get at it. Does this happen to anyone else? Once I went nearly a year without painting a stroke. I get in a mood and paint relentlessly and then .....stop. My goal is to gain some discipline and paint a little each day. I will see how this turns out:)


  1. Louisiana gets cold? LOL I live in NC now, but am a "Northerner at heart" still as I have lived in the south only a year. I love your work - so fresh and you have a feel for nice compositions. I have six kids, 3 - 18 and I hear you on the "getting energized" and "finding the time". But just as I need to carve out time for exercising, I do need to do it with my art as well. It makes me feel happy. And that is good for everyone! :)

  2. Thanks Margaret, I love your art, too. And I guess cold to me is anything under 68 degrees. I would freeze to death if I lived in the north.